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          7 Favorite Foods You didn’t know Were Causing Dull Teeth

          Like goodies, Dried fruit can cling to the image surface [url=]charmdate[/url] of your teeth, meaning cavities. Dried fruit can also cause sugar to linger against the counter of your teeth. It could easily get caught in the crevices of your teeth, a touch too.

          4. bread

          Saliva by nature breaks the starch in bread into sugar. brain, Sugar can impact the state your teeth. Once it becomes a paste like texture, It can cling on to teeth, while well.

          Consider choosing wheat grains options instead of white bread.

          5. poker chips

          Like goodies, Crunchy foods such as chips can cling with a teeth. They can also trap sugar between teeth, triggering a dull smile.

          6. lemon or lime

          You need to consider a cosmetic dental procedure if you consume a lot of citrus. You can visit this Family Dentist to get started.

          Citrus from lemons, grapefruits, And grapefruit can erode tooth teeth enamel. ensure you drink water afterward to protect your teeth.

          7. chocolate and Tea

          About 50% of Americans drink coffee a day. That 150 million others. Consider reducing your coffee and tea intake.

          Both coffee and tea can blemish your teeth. They can also dry out the mouth area, Impacting saliva generation.

          Not So elegant Smiles: 7 Foods and Beverages that can cause Dull Teeth

          Don let these foods and beverages impact your smile. and surprisingly, instead, plan a cosmetic dental procedure to avoid dull teeth. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about whitening teeth aftercare and other foods to avoid, excessively.

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